Thank YOU for making the April School Great!

April 26th kicked off Trillium’s first ADS for 2018!  Mother Nature threw everything at us – sun and pleasant temperatures on Friday; cloudy, cooler, rain AND snow on Saturday; then sunny, windy and even colder on Sunday.  Despite the constantly changing weather, the drivers from the race school and the ADS learned a lot, had fun and practiced safe driving above all else.

The banquet Saturday night was also very well attended. Trillium extends thanks to Pfaff who were our sponsors for the weekend and generously supplied some great swag for the evening’s raffle.

Member and Sponsor Garages offering Tech Inspections

All participants in Trillium BMW Club driving schools and racing schools must bring a completed tech inspection form to each event. After inspection, it must be filled and signed by a provincially licensed mechanic or equivalent in the US.

Download the Technical Inspection Form here

Any garage with a licensed mechanic can perform these inspections. Fees for the inspection vary by garage.

Advanced Solo Lapping during Club Race Weekend (Aug 2018)

Event is open to Pre-Approved Solo Drivers and Instructors only

The BMW CCA Club Race in 2018 is scheduled for August 3-5 and will include the opportunity for Advanced Solo Lappers and Instructors to enjoy a weekend of open passing at CTMP. In addition, there will be an opportunity for drivers to sign up for the Thursday, August 2 Test and Tune day.

The BMW Club of Canada Reward Programme for 2018

Details on the BMW Club of Canada Reward Programme. As of Mar 2018 the programme remains in effect and unchanged from the past in terms of qualification and level of discount.

In December of 2012 BMW Clubs Canada announced the BMW Canada Reward Programme, which came into effect on January 1, 2013. BMW Group Canada is offering a discount equal to 2% (but not greater than $2,000) of a vehicle’s MSRP, irrespective of the price negotiated with the dealer, and applies to cash, financed and leased purchase arrangements.

To be considered eligiable for this discount you must:

It's Renewal Time

It's that time of the year. If you have not renewed your membership for 2018, please do so before registering for any events. All 2017 1 year memberships expire on Dec 10 of 2017. If you bought a 2 year membership, membership expires on Dec 10 2018. What if I bought a membershp in late November or before Dec 10? We typically extend these membership but if you bought a membership in October, it will expire on Dec 10. See our membership page for details. You must renew your membership or all listed events will disappear. After paying your membership dues, logout, then login.

Minimum Helmet Standards until 2020

As of 2017 (TBA 2018), the minimum standard for accepted helmets at BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter driving events will be SA2010. Please do not confuse M2010 with SA2010. M is for 'M'otorcyle, not 'M'otorsport. We do not accept motorcycle (i.e. M-rated) helmets.  For more information on helmet standards, please see the web site of the Snell Memorial Foundation at

Gmail, you, and the club

Using Gmail as your e-mail account when communicating with the club? That's great, a lot of our members do. But please note that Gmail will occasionally tend to place e-mail into the Spam folder or on the Promotions or Social tab. If you have been looking for mail from the club in your Gmail account, please be sure to check