Reward Program

Announcing The BMW Club of Canada Reward Program!  Available on Purchases or Leases from Authorized BMW Dealers.

On December 12, 2012, BMW Clubs Canada announced the BMW Canada Reward Program which came into effect on January 1, 2013 and has now been updated for 2015.  Since then, it has become necessary to clarify some of the details of the program. These are included below and an updated Discount Approval Form is available here.

The discount is equal to 2% of the vehicle’s MSRP, irrespective of the price negotiated with the dealer, and applies to cash, financed and leased purchase arrangements. 

Please submit your application to The President of your Chapter, Isi Papadopolous.  She will then provide written approval of your eligibility status and send your request to the National Secretary. 

To be considered eligiable for this discount you must:

1.  Be a member in good standing with the Club (membership dues current)

2.  Have been a Club Member for at least 12 months

Once approved and processed by BMW Canada, the member will then be sent a VIP Letter by BMW Group Canada. The member has 6 months in which to use that letter, which authorises the dealer to subtract the discount from the final price. When the member is completing his/her purchase, he/she must produce the (original) VIP Letter to the dealer.

Members must agree to not sell the vehicle for one year from the date of delivery. Group sales are not eligible. The discount does not apply to used vehicles, motorcycles or Mini vehicles.

BMW Group Canada reserves the right to terminate the program with 30 days’ notice.

Cases of abuse or inappropriate conduct will result in individuals losing the right to a membership reward.

Please forward any questions, queries or comments to Trillium's club President, Isi Papadopolous (<---click for email)