Have You Received Your Voting Notice Yet? Please Vote in the 2020-2021 Elections for the board

Dear Members,

Have you received your voting notice yet? If yes, please vote. If no, please contact president@trilliumbmwclub.ca

The term of Trillium BMW’s current Board of Directors is coming to a close.  These past 2 years have gone by quickly and it’s now time for Trillium to accept nominations for a new Board of Directors.

Trillium BMW has a robust membership base and is a wonderful club to be a part of.  But Trillium BMW cannot thrive or survive without the support and participation of its volunteers.

We are now accepting nominations for the Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 term.  All 7 director positions are open.  The only pre-requisites for joining the Board are enthusiasm and an interest in helping our club continue to grow and be the best club it can be for the benefit of all members.

The Nomination Process
Reply back to Trillium Club Secretary at social@trilliumbmwclub.ca with the name of the member you are nominating. You can absolutely nominate yourself!

If you are nominating someone else, please make sure that you have discussed this with the person and have confirmed that they are willing to accept your nomination. If you have been nominated by someone else, you must confirm by email that you accept the nomination.
Closing date for nominations is October 27th ,2019. Voting has begun.
Once all nominations have been received, an email will be sent to all members to cast their votes for the nominees.

Election results will be announced at the AGM on November 30th .
Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in Trillium BMW.  If you have any questions on the nomination and/or election process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Eileen Arnaud
President, BMWCCA Trillium Chapter