Registering for a Track School. Questions? Look here!

Our updated web site is now live. The site is now ready to accept registrations for driving school. This year the style of the registration has changed to overcome issues that caused problems in the past. Improvements for this year include:

  • Applying bulk discounts properly.
  • Being able to close single events for a specific date (e.g. closing student registration but leaving instructor registration open).
  • Preventing members from signing up to the same event twice.
  • Separating event registrations into event-specific groupings reducing work for the registrar.
  • Sliding prices based on date.

Get an error that shows a page without your name a bunch of red text like the following? Make sure you hit Refresh on your browser or reload the page to get rid of the problem

Improvements will continue into the new year. We will post a bugs page for members to make requests and comments on the web site. For issues with the web please contact